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What you will find here

You will find Music for various occasions and purposes, like


  • Sync Briefs (Film & TV)

  • Jingles used for Signature, Trailer, Podcast

  • Joint in music, collaborative requests, jam space

  • for listening and entertainment

And you get information how I support young musicians with disadvantages and how you can join

About Me

I am Earnie Schrebb, a musician and music producer from Germany.

Mainly working for Sync Briefs and commercial Jingle music (libraries see below).

These are combined with the target to support young musicians with disadvantages.

In the following chapter „Right Now Playing“ you will  frequently  get reports from what I do just now.

Right now

Join me with the Synch Ready Challenge – Hosted by Michael Elsner and Jody Friendman!

Library synch pitch

Find additional information about the Synch Pitch in this library!

Sample library

Explore the sample library of signature music, jingles, trailers, podcast intros and outs and much more!

Music support

Here you can find our other music support projects.