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Music for you and the world


Helping with music – because it connects the world

Every person is different.

And yet we all have one thing in common: we want to express ourselves.

Many people can do just that through music. They make music to show the world what they are made of with their hearts. In doing so, they in turn give the rest of us a great gift.

But not everyone who wants to make music can do it. Often enough there are restrictions, there is a lack of equipment or teachers. And above all, there is a lack of people who want to look and help.

This is exactly where our concept comes into play, which is really important to us:

Hmit Musik

Our idea

We make music possible where it seems impossible.

In the end everyone wins.

Recording devices

We provide professional recording equipment for music projects, with which music can be recorded and the magic of the project can be captured.

Podcast & Web

This can be on your own website, in your own podcast or to provide musical accompaniment for a digital photo album. There are many ideas here and we invite you to get creative here!

Available Online

The recordings sent back to us are made available online using our reach in the social networks – in other words: you can buy them for a support amount and use them for your own purposes.


All proceeds from the sales go to the respective music project so that it can continue to exist and inspire even more people to make music.

Even more

But we do even more!


These projects are accompanied by the MusikLogo studio and the Internet coordinators of MusikLogo free of charge and with transparent articles. This means that we take you on a journey to these projects and show you exactly how and where help is provided.

Volunteer Artists

In addition, various well-known artists make themselves available as online project companions. This accompaniment is an honorary post for them, because making music is also important to them.

Do you want to have a listen?

Then simply click your way through our collection and join in!